Who is Steve Doocy's Wife, Kathy Gerrity? All Details Here (2024)

Kathy Gerrity is a former model, actress, and television personality hailing from the United States. She gained recognition as the first female ESPN host to host a magazine program.

While her career in modeling, acting, and television brought her some visibility, Kathy is perhaps best known for being the wife of Steve Doocy. Steve Doocy is a prominent figure in the media industry, known as a political pundit, author, and television personality.

Though specific details about Kathy Gerrity's accomplishments and career are scarce, her role as an ESPN host and her association with Steve Doocy have contributed to her public image.

Finding Love in Steve Doocy

There is a delightful tale surrounding Kathy Gerrity and Steve Doocy's initial meeting and how their relationship blossomed. The couple's paths crossed while they were both employed at Washington, DC's WRC-TV.

At that time, Steve was a junior member of the news team, while Kathy worked in the sports department. It was Steve who took the initiative and struck up a conversation about mundane topics, laying the foundation for their connection.

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As they spent more time together, their fondness for one another grew, and love soon followed. Kathy, moved by their deepening connection, extended an invitation to Steve for a champagne toast, marking the beginning of their formal dating journey.

From that point forward, they began to open up and share their lives with each other, discovering compatibility that hinted at a future together.

Married For More than Three Decades

Kathy Gerrity and Steve Doocy have celebrated more than three decades of a joyful and enduring marriage. On June 30, 1986, surrounded by their loved ones, the couple exchanged heartfelt wedding vows.

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As they marked their 31st wedding anniversary on June 30, 2017, Steve shared a nostalgic moment by posting a beautiful photo from their wedding day on Instagram. The image captured the couple's stunning appearance, and the accompanying words were filled with perfection and sweetness, encapsulating the love they shared.

Throughout their years together, Kathy and Steve have maintained a strong and harmonious bond. Their marriage has been characterized by a lack of conflict or squabbles, serving as a shining example of a successful partnership. Trust, understanding, and compromise have been the pillars upon which their happiness has been built.

Kathy Gerrity is a Mother of Three Children

Kathy Gerrity and Steve Doocy are proud parents of three children, comprising two daughters and one son. Their firstborn, Peter Doocy, was welcomed into the world on July 21, 1987. Peter has followed in his father's footsteps and is currently employed as a general assignment correspondent at Fox News.

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Their second child, Mary Doocy, entered the world in November 1989. Mary has pursued a career as a counselor for the House Oversight Community, serving in this role since 2016. Her contributions in this field have been noteworthy and impactful.

Completing the family is Sally, Kathy, and Steve's youngest daughter, who was born in July 1993. Sally has found her professional path as a sales planner for Fox News, adding her expertise to the network's operations.

Eldest Daughter is Already Married

Sally Doocy, the youngest daughter of Kathy Gerrity and Steve Doocy, tied the knot with Ali Sadri on August 1, 2020. However, their wedding plans faced a significant delay of 93 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. In light of the situation, the couple decided to have an intimate ceremony with only 10 close family members in attendance.

Sally's elder sister, Mary, took on the role of maid of honor, adding a special touch to the occasion. Despite the challenges posed by the circ*mstances, the couple and their loved ones wholeheartedly embraced the wedding ceremony and celebrated the joyous union. Kathy Gerrity, as a proud mother, was filled with happiness seeing her daughter adorned in a beautiful wedding gown, creating cherished memories amidst the unprecedented times.

A Short Bio on Husband, Steve Doocy

Steve Doocy is an accomplished American political commentator, author, and television personality. Born on October 19, 1956, in the United States, he has made a significant impact in the media industry.

Doocy is widely recognized for his long-standing association with Fox News, where he has served as a co-host of the popular morning show "Fox & Friends" since 1998. With his charismatic and engaging presence, Doocy has become a familiar face to viewers across the nation.

He is known for his insightful commentary on political matters, while also showcasing his affable and humorous side on screen. In addition to his television career, Doocy has authored multiple books, further solidifying his reputation as a respected figure in the media landscape.

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How Rich is Kathy Gerrity?

Kathy Gerrity has a net worth of $2 Million as of 2023. She has gathered all of her fortunes through her incredible career. Previously, she served as a kid model and ESPN Host. On the other hand, her husband, Steve has an estimated net worth of $11 million as of November 2022.

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His annual pay is $4 Million. He is able to acquire that kind of money via his lengthy work as an anchor.He is also a writer. To date, he has published two novels, both of which have been New York Times best-sellers.

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Who is Steve Doocy's Wife,  Kathy Gerrity? All Details Here (2024)
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